EverRising Records and EverRising Media are an independent creative agency founded by Colin Hubick and Dara Schindelka.

They are dedicated to creating and helping raise the media and music they work on and bring to life. With a commitment to creative freedom and artist-centric values, EverRising is set to make a lasting impact on the creative world around them.


Lois Fisher Underwood’s latest single out

EverRising Record’s latest artist’s release is coming your way. As Lois says, “I feel grateful and lucky to share with you my newest release, coming out April 29th, to all streaming platforms and on college and community radio across Canada!

“Patchwork” is a fresh new way of playing and writing lyrics for me and it is a delight to share it.In many ways, just like this time of year, this song is a fresh start!This song started several years ago with the phrase, “Lilacs blooming in June”. Those words, written on a page in my songwriting notebook, wouldn’t let go of me.I ended up changing the words to “Lilacs blooming soon” and from there the words poured out.“Patchwork” is a love song. Even more so, it is a story that pieces together pictures and memories that each evoke an emotion.”   

Lois is a singer-songwriter from the beautiful prairie province of Saskatchewan. In her musical journey she has completed 3 albums, “$6000 Doors”, “Every Song on the Radio” and a 4 song EP “Anywhere You Are”. She has recently released a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love” and her latest original single “Patchwork” both with EverRising Records of Saskatchewan, Canada. With musical influences from Gospel to Serena Ryder and Johnny Cash to Joan Jett, Lois blends her own unique life perspective, and percussive guitar style with honest lyrics that can pack an emotional punch.Lois is a story teller with a witty, playful wisdom. She is the friend you are sharing an evening with over a glass of wine, or cup of tea. She is crazy enough to write personal songs that somehow connect with others, and she loves a song that makes you dance, laugh, cry and consider.

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Click here to pre-save “Patchwork”, and listen everywhere April 29th.

Thanks Wade!

Had a great shoot out near Milestone on behalf of Sask Cattlemen’s Association today! Thanks Wade!

Interviews and Reviews with Dara Schindelka!

We are beyond proud of our artists and their accomplishments. Check out this wonderful interview with CBC and a review of her newly released album “She Imagined” by “raised by cassettes”!!!

link to review

link to interview

found memories of Atwood tour

Almost ten years later, I still have extremely fond memories of spending time with Margaret Atwood on a tour of Grass Lands National Park. As always, thank you Trevor Herriot so much for involving us.

Thanks Levi!

It was a fantastic shoot out at Levi’s place! Thanks for having us, we’ll be back!!

Addition of some vintage

Analog recording and digital recording diverge in their approach to capturing audio, each imparting distinct sonic qualities. Analog recording, rooted in traditional mediums like magnetic tape or vinyl, translates sound waves directly into electrical signals, resulting in a warm, authentic tone with subtle nuances and imperfections. Digital recording, on the other hand, converts sound into binary code, offering precise replication, clarity, and a wider dynamic range. While digital recordings are often lauded for their fidelity, some argue they can lack the organic warmth of analog.

In contemporary studios, the integration of analog equipment such as our Teac-5 mixer and reel-to-reel tape machines enhances the recording process. The Teac-5 mixer, renowned for its analog circuitry, imparts a distinctive coloration to audio signals, adding depth and character to recordings. Similarly, reel-to-reel tape machines introduce a unique sonic texture, enriching the sound with subtle saturation and tape compression effects. In addition, the use of a reel-to-reel tape machine allows for utterly beautiful tape delay. By combining analog gear with digital technology our studio can achieve a blend of vintage warmth and digital precision, catering to diverse artistic preferences and production needs.

EverRising Wraps 4 more ads for Ducks Unlimited Canada!

We are so happy to have been a part of the latest set of ads for Ducks Unlimited Canada, goes without saying, one of our most awesome clients!

EverRising and Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association

EverRising is thrilled to announce a wonderful marketing partnership with the Saskatchewan Cattlemen’s Association! As leaders in creative marketing, we’re honoured to collaborate with such a prestigious organization dedicated to the advancement of the cattle industry. Together, we’ll revolutionize marketing strategies, bringing innovation and excellence to the forefront of every campaign!

Stay tuned for groundbreaking initiatives that will elevate the Saskatchewan cattle industry to new heights!

Sold Out!!

Dara Schindelka’s Album Release was a sold-out show at the Artesian!!! We couldn’t have been happier with the turnout and the energy in the room! It’s always a great feeling to see so many people come together to enjoy live music. The artists put in so much hard work and it shows in the incredible performance!! The audience was fully engaged throughout the entire show, and the Artesian was such a fantastic venue, it was the perfect setting for this event! Overall, it was a memorable night and I’m already looking forward to planning the next one.

Live video from BackSeat Driver!!

Awesome Live Performance of “Ain’t No Sunshine” by BackSeat Driver

What an exceptional performance by BackSeat Driver! Originally conceived as an experimental recording on a vintage 4-track reel-to-reel from the 1970s, it has evolved into a truly remarkable production. The distinct sound emanating from the vintage equipment effortlessly transports listeners back to the era!!!


EverRising Records and EverRising Media are an independent creative agency founded by Colin Hubick and Dara Schindelka. They are dedicated to creating and helping raise the media and music they work on and bring to life. With a commitment to creative freedom and artist-centric values, EverRising is set to make a lasting impact on the creative world around them.

EverRising is the brainchild of founders Colin Hubick and Dara Schindelka. In a perfect blend of science and art, the studio harnesses two worlds. Colin’s media, photo, video, audio, and all post production technical expertise raises the level of any product or campaign. Dara’s musical training, knowledge and experience bring out the best music in artists and creates a canvas of music possibilities for entertainment and marketing as well as professional recordings in the industry.

EverRising boasts a talented roster of multi-genre artists as well as decades of top tier advertising in media and beyond. They are committed to delivering quality video, photo, audio and music for both commercial and entertainment sectors and are on a journey to continue the upward momentum…ever rising.