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**EverRising Records Announces Studio Debut!**

[Regina, Sk, Nov. 2023] – EverRising Records is thrilled to announce its grand entrance into the music industry. With an impressive roster of artists and an independent approach, EverRising Records has a goal to make a unique mark on the music landscape.

EverRising Records is the brainchild of founders Colin Hubick and Dara Schindelka. In a perfect blend of science and art, the studio harnesses Colin’s technical expertise and talent, with Dara’s musical training and experience, to bring out the best music in artists. They have worked diligently behind the scenes, and as 2023 closes, the studio’s first songs will be released.

EverRising Records boasts a talented roster of multi-genre artists, including Dara Schindelka, Lois Fisher-Underwood, The Backseat Drivers, Dan Valley, F. Taylor, and Tricky Python. The label has already generated significant excitement with upcoming releases, such as Dara’s eagerly anticipated “She Imagined” coming January 2024, and her beautiful rendition of Joni Mitchell’s “River” which will be released in time for the 2023 holiday season. South African Singer-Songwriter, Daniel Kemp, is slated to release his first single in the weeks to come, as is Lois Fisher-Underwood from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Tricky Python has new music scheduled for this month and more to come with a collaboration featuring F. Taylor. 

EverRising Records is committed to delivering quality music both in the commercial and entertainment sectors. Stay tuned as EverRising embarks on its journey to make music and continue the upward momentum…ever rising. 

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About EverRising Records:

EverRising Records is an independent recording label founded by Colin Hubick and Dara Schindelka. They are dedicated to nurturing talented artists and bringing their music to the world. With a commitment to creative freedom and artist-centric values, EverRising Records is set to make a lasting impact on the music industry.